Frequently asked questions

👋 Who is behind Inokufu?

We are a small french team based in a beautiful city called Lyon, just hours from the French Alps! You can read more about us on our About page. 🤗

Can I use Inokufu APIs for free?

Absolutely, we offer forever free API basic plans you can use. It's the best way for starting using the service. The free plan runs under some limitations to avoid abusing our APIs, like burst rate, limited concurrency rate and monthly rate limit. Basic plan could is the perfect start for side projects or use cases with low API quota requirements.

How do I test your APIs?

Getting started with Inokufu APIs is super easy! Simply call any of our endpoint with the demo key provided in the doc or subscribe to our free Basic plan here.

How do I get an API key?

Go to our Rapid API page and subscribe to the plan that fits your need. After subscribing, you will receive your own API key. This API key need to be included in the header of your calls (x-rapidapi-key when using Rapid API or x-api-key for direct customers).

What if I don't know how much API quota I need?

No problem, just start with the Basic plan. If you hit the max quota too often, we will inform you and you'll be able to upgrade your plan as you see fit.

How do I know my plan usage?

You can follow your usage metrics within your Rapid API dashboard. We will also notify you if you hit too often the max quota of your usage plan, offering to upgrade your current plan to one more suitable to your need.

What if I want to change my plan?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation, within your Rapid API dashboard. If you are a direct customer, please get in touch with our Inokufu sales team.

Questions? Want a demo?

We're always available at contact@inokufu.com

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