Learning goal

This is the main goal targeted by the learning object. We currently support 4 learning goals based on Bloom taxonomy. discover Learning objects that give you an idea about the topic, identify the key points, the issues, the interests and the difficulties of the field. At the end, you are able to talk about and follow the news about it. understand Learning objects that make you understand a competency for real, not just on the surface, but in depth. You are able to explain, interpret, estimate. At the end, the theory will hold no secrets for you. do Learning objects that make you practice, or simulate practice. It makes you apply in reality, knowing how to use, build and apply. At the end, you are operational. degree Learning objects that train you in a skill in a complete way, by combining the stages of Discovering, Understanding and Doing. At the end, you are a Pro. Most of the time, these learning objects award you a degree of some sort (diploma, certification, certificate, etc).

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