Bloom taxonomy

This endpoint returns a list of the Bloom objectives currently supported by the API.




This endpoint does not require any API key authentication in the header.

Query Parameters

This endpoint does not require any query parameter.

Code examples

See here for Rapid API codes examples.

See below for Direct customer access:

curl ""


Response parameters



Name of the Bloom objectives to be used in the /search endpoint to filter LO with the bloom parameter


Short description of this Bloom objectives

Response example

Here is an example of the JSON structured response provided by this endpoint.

        "bloom": "discover",
        "description": "These LO are the first step to discover a job or a skill. You'll be able to talk about it, to know the basics. You'll have all the knowledge to decide wether it's for you or not."
        "bloom": "understand",
        "description": "These LO help you better understand this job or skill, in details. You'll dive deeper in the theory. You'll be able to explain, estimate, At the end, you'll be a master of the theoretical aspects."
        "bloom": "do",
        "description": "These LO help you put into practice what you have learned. You'll make, manipulate, simulate. You are applying what you learn."
        "bloom": "degree",
        "description": "These LO train you to a specific job or skill at a professional level. From Discovery, Understanding to Doing, at the end you are a Pro."

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